Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ticked Off

To the punk who thought it was cool to use someone else's account to make a purchase, I hope you are overwhelmed with guilt. Its so NOT cool, you jerk.  I'm lucky I check my account often and caught this early.  My bank worked with me to get this taken care of.  To the company who authorized the charge, shame on you for not working with me or the bank to rectify this.  You seemed to only care about your sale and the jerk who made the purchase, not the person who was taken advantage of. Jerks.

Watch your accounts folks, you never know who can get a hold of your information.  I have no idea how mine was obtained, but thankfully I did catch it early and the bank is working with me.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Blues

Happy Monday! Not really. I'm trying but gosh I really don't like Mondays.  I need another day off to make up for the lazy day I had yesterday.  Around lunchtime yesterday my head starting hurting really bad.  I took some meds and then a shower thinking that might help.  Nothing doing.  So I stayed planted on the couch, napping off and on all day.  By the evening time, I just wanted to move to my bed and sleep some more.  I still have a faint headache today.  Blaming it on this damn weather.  

Saturday, I took Bella to Build A Bear to spend the gift card her daddy gave her for her birthday.  Meet Dallas the bunny...

The other little animal she is holding is a kitty.  Looks like a bear, doesn't  it? I thought so too, until I finally really looked at it.  Its a damn cat.  

Shows you how much I really paid attention when she picked it out.  

After BAB, we grabbed some lunch and then went to Claire's, where Bella had another gift card to spend.  After perusing everything in the store multiple times, she decided on a notebook, keychains and lipgloss.  No earrings or hair accessories.  Shocking I know. Since I was a good girl, Bella allowed me to stop in one of my favorite stores, Francesca's, to look at the jewelry. They were having a BOGO sale so I found a cute little bracelet and some earrings. On our way out, we went by Home Goods.  Bella found some large animals she liked. We weren't bringing them home so she settled for pictures with them. Silly girl...

I love Home Goods and could have done some real damage in there but my main goal was to find a toilet paper storage thingy.  Bella has a hard time reaching the toilet paper in our bathroom so I decided to find one of those storage thingies that also has place to put a roll of toilet paper to use. She was all for that and let me tell you, super giddy and excited to fill er up when we got home, and equally excited to report she didn't need my help the first time she went to the bathroom.  Everyone is happy and mommy is so smart for thinking of this clever idea.   

Is it 5:00 yet? 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Friday Y'all

Make it a good one!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Happy Thursday

Took this stud to school this morning....

I'm a lucky girl :)

Funny story...we stopped at Shipley's this morning to get the boy some breakfast.  We pull out and stop at a light.

Chris:  Oh wow...that man is smoking in his truck with the windows rolled up.  That's crazy.
Me:  Lots of people do that. He's gonna smell purdy.

I glance over to the man and the truck sitting next to us when he pulls up a little more, the window rolls down and looks at us.  I look away and begged for the light to hurry up and turn green.

Chris:  Crap, maybe he read my lips when I said that.
Me:  Did he say anything?
Chris:  No, he just rolled down the window, looked and waved.
Me:  Was it a nice wave?  Did he smile?
Chris:  yeah, I guess.
Me:  Do you know him?
Chris:  nope

Light turns green, I pull away and get on down the road.  He's behind us a good ways.  Next light is red.  He pulls up to turn right at the light. Light turns green, we go.

Chris:  Dang....maybe he really did make out what I said.  He had his window down again hanging his head out looking back.
Me:  No he didn't
Chris:  Yes he did.
Me:  Maybe he thought he knew us?
Chris:  I didn't know him.
Me:  Me either.

Moral of the story...when you make a comment about someone sitting next to you in traffic, make sure you turn away so they can't read lips.  I don't know that he read Christopher's lips, maybe he was just being nice, but it was enough of an awkward moment that I wanted to get away from this truck as fast and as safely as possible.

And let me just say....I am not a fan of smokers. My mom smoked for 47 years.  47 years.  And that ultimately is what took her from us at 65 years of age. I wasn't a fan even before Mom died. I tolerated it because she enjoyed it and she was my mom. We all asked her to quit at one time or another.  I still have family and friends who smoke....and if you are one of them reading this, I don't love you any less, its just my preference not to smoke as it is yours to do it.  But, I do ask you to consider quitting.  :)

Okay...I'm done now.  Y'all have a great Thursday!