Friday, October 9, 2015

Happy Friday Y'all

Its Friday y'all and I couldn't be more happy about that.  This week was a tough one but I made it through and have a 3-day weekend staring at me now and next weekend.  Our county fair kicks off today so I took a day of vacation next Friday because we will be in the cook-off again this year so I'm only working 3 days next week.  3 is my number at the moment!  The kids will also have a day off from school next Friday and let me tell you, they are ready!

I saw this on FB last night and had to share it,  It was much needed....

Not much else to report. Guess I better get to work.  
Y'all have a good one.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Canton Finds

I got home from work yesterday and decided that I would take pictures of my loot from Canton for y'all before I found homes for everything. Always thinking of y'all ;)

Here is the first picture I took before I realized I had left something out.

Close ups...

I bought 3 of these little Christmas wreaths.  Don't ask me why 3.  My answer is because two years ago I bought 3 Fall wreaths so I did the same here. Actually, I do remember a conversation Marilee and I had about decorating.  She had heard or was told or something that you should have an odd number of whatever if you have more than one.  I guess that's where the 3 wreaths come in.  Sounds good for now so let's go with that logic.  

My good ole Texas star for the wall.  Y'all, this was a hard decision.  Even after I found it, I hem-hawed about it.  I actually wanted the color stain to be in red but they were out of that particular style/color so I went with this turquoise. There are several vendors that carry this style star so even after I bought it (for only $35), I would see another vendor set up and would hold my breath hoping I didn't see a red one.  God must have really wanted me to have this one because no red was found.

Tin letters to place above the doorway to each of the kid's rooms and my tulle for gifts.  I found the letters at one of our favorite places to shop.  In fact, its always our first stop...Paul Michael Company.  You can shop online but I assure you its not near as much fun walking through their store.  They expanded their Canton location so now there are two buildings.  One houses more of the Christmas and holiday decor while the other is mostly large pieces of furniture.

Here, I tried to get a close up of the chunky candle sticks I found at a shop called Laurie Anna.  This is one of the last shops we go to on Sunday before skipping town.  You need to give yourself plenty of time when going because this store is overwhelming. There is so much crammed into this place but they make all look so pretty and awesome.  We saw these right as I walked in the door.  They only had two sizes so I opted for one large and two smaller ones because I wanted three.  They are a pewter color but there are hints of gold in them as well.  And no, I have NO IDEA where I'm going to put them but they will look awesome anywhere.  ha!  These were my splurge purchase.  There's always one when we go.  Its part of the fun.   

This picture was taken after I realized I had left out the Happy Holidays garland.  What I love about this garland is you can put it up Thanksgiving through Christmas. Perfect! 

Did you notice the fringy flyaway on the right?  I'm going to debut this beauty at the fair.  It was a fun purchase.  Not something I was looking for but when I saw it, I loved it.  I actually had spotted another one that was a little different but this one won the coveted spot in my closet.  

I realized as I was loading the pictures that I didn't take a close up of my lantern on the left.  That was something I went back to get at the Paul Michael Company. We actually went back for Marilee to get something as well but they were already sold out.  I just really love this lantern.  It has a hurricane glass cover to protect your candle so I totally put garland or whatever around it to decorate it.  I would really love to hang this on my front porch. I'm a sucker for lanterns.  I'm figuring that out quickly. I NEED to cover my back patio because I saw so much in Canton that I would love to decorate with-lanterns especially. Until that is done, there's no point because the weather will ruin it. Some day.  

So here's a look back at my list I went to Canton with....
Other things on my list...
~Candle decor - I don't know what else to call it.  If I get it, I'll take a pic and show you. Ha!
~Tulle for gifts & maybe some Christmas wrapping paper
~Christmas ornament for annual ornament exchange at work
~Cross for necklace (I lost a cross on a necklace the first time I wore it.  Hoping I might be able to find a replacement cross or something else in Canton)
~Random home decor 
~I don't have specific Christmas gifts on my list but if I happen upon something I like, I'll pick it up.

Including the star...I marked three items off my list.  I never really looked for a cross for my necklace and never saw the candle decor I mentioned either.  I did see a Christmas ornament I liked but was going to see what else was out there and then kind of forgot about it.  ha!  No Christmas gifts were purchased either.  

I will tell  you something that is on my hit list for next time is a windmill or a half windmill for my wall.  Here's what I'm talking about...


That would be so cool to have on my wall!  We totally found a shop that had them too but dadgum they were expensive so that purchase will have to wait.  

Anyway, there are my finds from Canton this trip.  I can't wait to go back and shop some more but I must replenish my Canton funds first.  

Ya'll have a good one!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Back From Canton...and Back to Reality

We rolled back into town last night about 6:45-7:00.  My babies came home a short few minutes later and I was so happy to see those smiling faces.  They loved seeing all the goodies I brought home for our home.  Not to worry, I will take pictures to share with you, I was just plum tuckered out last night to do anything of the sort.

We had a fun weekend together, laughing, shopping, eating and drinking.  Being with girlfriends is always good therapy.  And while I had a really good time with them, I'm still struggling.  My heart just hasn't caught up with reality. This break-up is more difficult than I imagined it would be.  The reminders of what would have been, our dreams and hopes for the future.  Being in Canton was difficult...he loved doing stuff like this so seeing other couples wasn't painful but more like a sting, like someone poking the wound.  There was a part of me that was hoping I would walk around the corner and see him with someone, so then I'd be pissed off mad and be done.  Boom.  Or would it have added more pain?  It didn't happen so why write about it.  Because I'm trying to get what I'm feeling out because its very hard to explain.  Saturday night I broke.  I held in tears all day and I couldn't anymore, I told Marilee I was going to walk down an aisle to look at something while they were making a purchase.  As soon I turned away, the tears fell. I walked straight to the bathroom, cried in a stall and cursed myself for being so weak.  Even now, the tears are welling up.  I just miss having him in my life, having a go-to person again. When we were together, everything clicked, there were no questions because we knew.  Its when we were apart that we fell apart.  I keep telling myself this is for the best.  My head gets it, but my heart doesn't.  It just hurts. Not just for me...but for us and our children.

I know I can move on, I know I can survive this but right now it is painfully hard. I haven't called him, I haven't texted him, I haven't given in.  I am being strong.

Marilee sent me her devotion this morning and I wanted to share it with you...

"God understands our hearts and knows when we hurt and knows our desires.  Trust that the God who made you for His own blessing plans to fill you with blessings.  His timing isn't ours, but His love is.  In the midst of hurting don't lose sight of the good things he's already blessed us with."

I haven not forgotten the blessings in my life, but I do wonder when my time will come to be happy...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello There Sweet October

Its true, October is my favorite month.  What's not to love?  Seriously.  I guess if you're a summer gal like my sister, then you wouldn't be super excited about like I am.  You get all of these things and more...

And because I love the rain and pumpkins, I had to share this one with you...

Y'all have a great October 1st!!

Psst....I'm going to Canton this weekend.  Giggle, giggle....