Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Time Through Pictures

Here it is the 8th day of August and I am counting the days until September and the first official day of Fall arrives--September 22nd.  I've taken a few pics through our summer so I thought I'd share them with you to give you an idea what we've been up to...


Corn picking!

Honey and I were able to get in some us time while the kids spent time with their dad.  
A day in Galveston with this crazy guy!

Lunch in Kemah!

We spent a weekend watching Aiden's Allstar team...
Aren't they handsome...
Cameron, Scott & Aiden

Always time to goof off between innings...:)

Always time for naps during the summer.  Isn't she sweet with her animals.

Dinner time fun...

Happy 4th of July!!!

 Trouble in the making....

You are NEVER too old to color....

Beach House Bound!!  

 Morning snuggles with these precious kids...

My Kenna bug...

 We had more fun launching water balloons this year....thinking they will definitely make an appearance next year!  So much fun by everyone!!

Watermelon before we devoured it...

See...serious business.

Don't let this one fool you.  She was hardly tasting it and decided she doesn't like watermelon.  
This is NOT my child. :/

More snuggles

Representing her cousin's college with pride!

I'm pretty sure these two missed each other the week we were gone.

Dinner before Ashleigh (Paul's girlfriend) heads home.  

Jeff took the kids to the circus one day and snapped this picture of them.  Isn't it great.  I love it.

Ready to head to one of 4 baby showers in July!!

My driver for an evening.  Love it when he's here.

Me and my godmother at one of the baby showers :)

My sweet honey :)

Hanging out with my favorite 15 year old

After months, my BFF and I finally got to see each other at the 4th baby shower of the month.  
Crazy that she's gonna be a grandmomma, huh!
Gosh I have missed her!

FISH CAMP with this handsome guy.  

Cross Country has begun and he is plum excited.  
Sporting his new duds and those muscles!

My sweet girl who will be starting Kindergarten this year.  Time sure flies!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

And Happy Birthday to my Momma!! 
Y'all have a beautiful day. I hope you get to enjoy some fireworks. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bella's Dance Pictures

Hey y'all, remember me? 

I won't even try to bore you with explanations, excuses, lies or stories about my absence.  Instead I am going to show you dance pictures of my sweet Bella.  I'm so in love with my children.  I know she's MY daughter but I just think she is absolutely beautiful.  :)

These were the professional pictures taken before the year ended.

I love them all but this last one is my favorite.  It really captures that beautiful smile of hers, and her hair before we cut it. Gush, gush, gush...
Here are some pictures of my girl I took the night of her dance recital.  It was a fun and crazy night.  I missed most all of the other performances because I was with Bella in the back in between their own dances but let me tell you, I was so very proud of my girl.  She still had to look off to the side for guidance on the dances but did really well. 

More gushing....that's my girl.  I know, I know...hush already. 
This last picture of mommy and daughter I just love because in this picture, I can see where she's beginning to look like me.  Folks tell me all the time that she looks like me.  I rarely see it because in reality, she really looks like her daddy.  But here...I think she's mommy's girl.  Its probably just the make-up, hair and dress but hey, I'll take it!!  :)
We had fun in her first year of dance and I'm am super proud of my girl!  She had her whiny days but when she focused and had fun, she was beautiful and did a great job.  She is back and forth on whether or not she wants to dance next year.  We had opportunities to take classes this summer but we were both ready for the break (Pop too because he would get her to dance for me).  We'll see what's decided come September.  After all, my girl will be starting Kindergarten this coming year and that will be a big change for her...and mommy!!  Let's not even discuss the FRESHMAN in my house either.  That's a whole other post!  LOL!!
Y'all have a good one!!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Happy Friday folks!!! Make it a good one!!!